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Top Eight UI Inconsistencies That Annoy Us!

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Top Eight UI Inconsistencies That Annoy Us!

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:10 pm

1) FILE SIZES ARE SHOWN ONLY IN KB: Does your car display its speed in furlongs per week? No. That makes as much sense as showing how many kilobytes a 2.5TB file is.

2) THE PROGRESS BAR IS A COMPULSIVE LIAR: Whether you’re copying files or installing patches, the progress bar is always wrong.

3) Application Splash Screens Are Universally Useless!

4) OUTLOOK SEPARATES EMAIL ADDRESSES WITH SEMICOLONS: Why?! In America, we separate lists with commas, not semicolons.

5) NEXT/PREVIOUS PAGE CONFUSION: Why does clicking “next” take us to older content, while “previous” takes us to newer content? Talk like a human, not a machine!

6) APPS BURIED IN SUBFOLDERS OF THE PROGRAM MENU!: Apps belong in the root of Program Files, not Program Files/Subfolder/Subfolder, where no one will ever fi nd them!

7) DISABLING SYSTRAY APPS IS HARD: Why bury the option to disable systray apps? It should be as easy to access as the option to hide the annoying buggers.

Cool THE SAVE ICON IS A FREAKIN’ FLOPPY DISK!: We haven’t owned a PC with a fl oppy drive in the better part of a decade. Why is the icon still a 3.5-inch disk?


"The Progress Bar is a Compulsive Liar! Whether you're copying files or installing patches, the progress bar is alway wrong!"

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